Annual Fund 2015

where your heart is - logoThis spring, we are asking our community to tell us where their heart is by making a donation to the 2015 Annual Fund in honor or memory of someone who has made a difference in their lives. The Brick Store Museum is funded through your financial support, but it truly thrives on the human stories that make us all who we are.

Your donation will not only celebrate our history and art, but allow our cultural record to continue into the future. Everydollar donated to the Museum sponsors programs, creates exhibitions, affords research opportunities, supports staff, spreads our outreach to new lengths, preserves our 19th Century buildings, and collects our stories together. Children, families, and adults can then use the unique perspectives displayed at the Museum to learn from the past to better our collective future.

Take a moment to think of a person from your life that you would like to celebrate. In the Annual Report and on this page of our website, your chosen name will be listed on an honor roll celebrating those that have made a difference in our lives. By passing on this campaign to friends and neighbors, you will help us to recognize mentors, friends, family members, colleagues, acquaintances and perhaps even pets that have helped change our lives for the better. Remember, you can donate online or call the Museum for more information at (207)985-4802.

History is made up of many stories woven together over time. Our stories can only be remembered if we write them down. Help us to preserve and share YOUR story by donating to our Annual Fund in honor or memory of someone very important to you. Use the lines on the sheet provided to tell us why. We look forward to sharing those memories with you.


Honor Roll

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