Stories of Invention


Stories of Invention was part of the Maine Yankee Ingenuity Trail, a collection of twelve museums throughout the state celebrating the various ways Mainers and New Englanders used “Yankee Ingenuity” to make their lives better.

Among the local inventions on display, visitors could find a nineteenth-century snowplow made by Kennebunk man Timothy Varney; a magnetic clock; a barn frame loom; shipbuilding tools; and a local man’s 1896 college thesis on electricity and its current.

Since colonial times, New England has been known for its industry, technology, and spirit of inventiveness. “Yankee ingenuity”, a term that strongly evokes the New England character, reflects traditions of invention, resourcefulness and craftmanship that emerged over a period of more than three centuries. This exhibit highlighted some of Kennebunk’s inventors and traditional tools from the 18th-19th century.

This exhibit was made possible with generous support from The B&B Team.