Open Door Capital Campaign

Opening the door to our future!

Just as we have done since 1936, the Museum must continually look to the future in order to serve our community. Our mission is to ignite personal connections to local history, art and culture through exhibitions and educational programs celebrating the human experience in the Kennebunks and our surrounding communities.
The Brick Store Museum is a place for many things. Here, you will find educational opportunities beyond the classroom; discover a place to create a better future by learning from the past; share memories so that they are never forgotten; and find a space in which to congregate and grow as a local and global citizen.

Museum services are needed now more than ever.

Public and private schools access weekly curriculum and learning programs; adult groups seek lectures, research access, and workshops; local retirement communities appreciate visiting exhibits and presentations; exhibitions need to be interactive and speak to a variety of ages; community members seek to do research online and see digitized images and papers; and young learners seek smart phone apps and online engagement.

We cannot achieve our future goals with the two-person staff and relatively small endowment that we have currently. These resources are now pushed to capacity.

We need your help to take the next step.

About the Open Door Capital Campaign:

The Open Door Capital Campaign is made up of three equally-important sections that complement and enhance each other. Expanded hours, space and staffing will allow the Museum to offer underserved audiences experiences and opportunities to access history, art and culture.


Our entrance renovations are nearly complete! These new areas include family hands-on learning spaces, places to sit and reflect, a handicapped-accessible bathroom, a new entrance on Main Street, and a larger gallery space to display our shared history. Much of this work was funded through incredibly generous leadership donors to the Capital Campaign in the past year. These changes to our usable space set the stage for the future of the Museum.

This is just the beginning. The Open Door Campaign will support increased financial and physical capacity with simple changes that will help a myriad of audiences belong here.

Our purpose is to inspire audiences to become better global citizens in a world that requires increased understanding of other peoples and cultures, and an appreciation of our shared humanity. In this goal alone, we must succeed in expanding access to the Museum’s resources to all populations.

A Museum of the 21st Century:

The museum must evolve to serve current and future audiences. The Brick Store Museum no longer exists only to collect historic artifacts, but to inspire learners of every age. The Brick Store Museum provides accessible history and art education through a variety of programs focused on inspiring our community to become the empathetic global citizens of the future.

The Brick Store Museum is and can be many things to many people. We are educators; a safe space; an attic; a garden; a gathering space; a research library. The capital we raise in the Open Door Campaign will solidify the Museum’s ability to create a place for people to experience our cultural heritage in a way that improves their everyday lives, the community, and their futures. The Brick Store Museum seeks not only to be relevant, but essential.

Your continuing support will not only be an investment in the Museum, but an investment in the community and its future.

This is a promise to future generations that we care about our shared history and we want to ensure the Museum’s future existence for everyone to use.

When this Campaign succeeds, this is what the Museum will look like:

  • Increased monthly activities in local schools and offered to additional grade levels.
  • Work with students on joint projects to preserve and display history.
  • Engaging educational programs for both students and adult residents.
  • Additional staff member (making three full time staff!) to run educational programming, volunteer management, and outreach programs. This position is desperately needed in order to grow the Museum’s capacity.
  • Creation of a preservation fund to provide for capital expenditures each year ($10,000 annually based on 4% spending policy) to continually preserve our five 19th Century Buildings.
  • Family-accessible bathroom with changing area.
  • Gallery seating to allow visitors to sit and reflect, and visit.
  • Hands-on learning area for families.
  • Larger museum store for increased earned income to support the Museum’s mission.
  • Supportive programs for historic homeowners and artifact collectors in our community.
  • Ever-changing History Hopper smartphone app to access our regions history wherever you are.
  • The capacity to change and grow with our community!

If you are interested in making a gift to the Open Door Capital Campaign, please contact Cynthia Walker at [email protected] or (207)985-4802 to discuss your support.

You are welcome to donate below (securely, online) or mail your donation to Brick Store Museum, c/o Open Door Campaign, 117 Main Street, Kennebunk, ME 04043.