Museum Poppy Project

Poppies have been representative of war remembrance since the World War I poem “In Flanders Fields” referred to fields of poppies in its first lines.

The Brick Store Museum’s current exhibition “From the Kennebunks to the Argonne Forest: The Great War that Changed America” celebrates the 100-year anniversary of the Armistice in 1918.

In addition to the exhibition, the Museum presents an outdoor installation inspired by the Tower of London’s 2014 display. The poppies in the display are made of metal and are weather-resistant, and will begin to be installed in June, running through November.

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at The Tower of London. An installation by Paul Cummins to mark the centenary of the start of World War I. Yeoman Warder John Donald walks throught the ceramic poppy field. Photograph: Rosie HallamBlood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at The Tower of London. An installation by Paul Cummins to mark the centenary of the start of World War I. Photograph: Rosie Hallam

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at The Tower of London. An installation by Paul Cummins to mark the centenary of the start of World War I.
Photograph: Rosie Hallam

Over 100 individuals and families have honored a loved one with a poppy in the installation! Below are their stories:


Wesley Motley Angle, grandfather

Harry C. Archibald, WWI Veteran

Memorial for John Ayres Armstrong, WWI Air Corps, father

Robert N. Barra

Charles A. Bauer, WWII vet, father

Phillip A. Bellomo, Sr.

William H. Boyson, Navy

William Brandy

Walter J. Brown, MAJ MC USA

Charles M. Burke, US Navy

James W. Burke, WWII vet, father

The Caron Boys

USN Veteran Edwin Carscallen, Prisoner, 4 years, WWII

Uncle Walter Chamberlain

Theodore Cherbuliez

Dean Conianis

Richard Cutler

In memory of J. Lester Dassel

John Doughtery

Uncle Michael Dougherty

William J. Doyle, Navy Veteran WWI

James Edward Fahey

In memory of Agnes Ruby Falkenbach

Harold C. Farndell

David Farr, my father

Abraham Feldman, USMC

For Those Who Served

Capt. John Fitch, Revolutionary War

Donald R. Foss

Charles D. Gardiner, WWI

Henri Garnier

In memorial of WWII veterans Lt. Jessie Carew Gates, Pvt Wayne Brown Gates Jr.

Pearl Goldwater

Charles Goodnow

In memory of Elliott M. Grant

Scottish Uncle William Greary

Mark N. Gregoire

Norman H. Gregoire

Commemorating Christine Haag

Richard Hastings, Jr

Jacob Giles Hicks, Revolutionary War

Newell Dwight Hillis

Richard Dwight Hillis

In loving memory of Robert S. Houston

In memory of Sherm Huff

Doris S. Jackson

Ralph H. Jackson

Ralph Harold Jackson

Jada, my dog

Edward Allen James

Linda Johnson

In remembrance of Thomas Johnstone, 1922-1943 Royal Canadian Airforce

In memory of James Keating Sr., WWI Veteran

John Joseph Kehoe

Frank Alfred Kember

David R. Kerr, Army Veteran, WWII

In memory of Ernest L. Kimball, US Army, WWI (grandfather)

David R. King

Edward R. Knauft (Captain, US Army), grandfather, WWI

James A. Lally, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Stanton Mitchell Lammers

Richard Lancaster, killed in Vietnam War

Floyd Laney

F. Eliot Larrabee

Marcia F. Larrabee

Vincent B. Lee (KIA Vietnam, cousin to Jim)

Cleveland Lightbody

Raymond Lightbody

Janet Maler

Sara Maler

In memory of Martial D. Maling, WWII

Garrett J. Marble, Sr., PO1, USN

John Alexander Martin

Marie Farley Martin

John J. McEvoy

In memory of John McGovern, WWI

Frank Joseph McLoughlin

Joseph Aloysius McLoughlin

Winfield I. McNeill (Lt, US Army Chemical Corps), grandfather, WWI

John Millar, highly decorated bombardier, RAF, grandfather, WWI

In honor of King V. Montgomery

Salomon Moses (Liberated May 8, 1945. US Army Medic, WWII)

Willie Moses (Polish Army, WWII)

Albert Needham

Jim Needham

Harry E. Nelson, (Corporal, US Army – recipient of the French Croix de Guerre), great uncle, WWI

Fedora Marie Nicol (mother). POW in the Philippines during WWII.

Dorset Hill Norby

Llaney Norby

Joanne O’Neil

Our Loved Ones

Col. Wayne E. Patterson, USAF

William Peppard, killed WWII

Michael M. Plocharczyk

In honor of Axel Remal


Richard Steele Reuland

Patrick Rooney

Maude Sharpe

Paul Schmitt

William Schuster

Harold S. Scribner (WWI Veteran)

Mr. & Mrs. Theodore R. Seabrooke, Jr.

In loving memory of William W. Shaw, US Army Veteran, Vietnam, father

Harold “Dutch” Southard

B. Franklin Spofford, US Army 1918-1919

Hugh M. Spofford, US Navy 1917-1920

Robert E. Spofford

Taylor Staudenmaier

In memory of David Star (served in WWI)

In memory of W. Frederick Stohlman – 1st Lieutenant WWI

Thomas Sullivan

William Tacy, Scottish Cavalry

Gaston Thierry

Clinton R. Thorell, Sr. WWI

Remembering the Tirrell and Collette families

Ruth Toohey

Carl M. Truesdale, served on a Submarine Tender during WWI

Joseph R. Truesdale, Jr

Joseph R. Truesdale III, “Tag”

Joseph R. Twist, US Navy 1918-1919

Unknown Soldier

Unknown Soldier

Jesse Sumner Viles, 14th Engineers

In memory of R. Paul Wade

Harry Walker, RAF

Donald Blake Webster, father-in-law

Albert Bailey Wentworth

Edna L. Wentworth

Mr. & Mrs. J. Robert Wolf

William H. Wilson (grandfather, WWI vet)

Purchased by Dr. & Mrs. Andreas Hagenow… message for you… you are not forgotten

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