Keep our Kennebunk Memories Alive!

The Brick Store Museum is dependent on support from our community to keep millions of memories alive. These stories are what the visitors and academics of the future will thrive on – the human experiences of bygone eras. Every memory is important – from your first job at the ice cream parlor, to watching new businesses grow, to a home you’ve lived in for 50 years…it all matters.

What can you do to invest in the future of history? Donate a memory and $5. Then send this simple request to your friends, family, customers, and neighbors. That’s it.

Let’s get started! Complete these two simple steps:

1) Donate $5.00 (or more, if you choose!)

Help us fund preservation and archival work to save our precious resources here at the Museum.  Memories from the past and present are kept in journals, photographs, oral histories, ledgers, and letters. These need to be cared for, housed, and preserved for the community to see!

2) Tell us your memories (is your memory an object? Donate it!).

Via PayPal ($5.00 donations & over): In the “Message Body” section, underneath the “Optional Gift Notification” text, write your memory.

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Via NetworkforGood ($10 donations & over): In the “Designation (Optional)” area, write your memory.


Don’t want to donate online! Cash and check are acceptable too! Just make sure you send along a memory with it! Any way you donate, your piece of history (or memory) will be kept alive through the work of the Brick Store Museum. Can’t find where to place your message? Just email it to us at [email protected]!

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? Kick it up a notch! After you’ve donated your memory, tell the world with the tag #kbkhistory!

…What’s the catch?

No catch. $5 is significant. If 100 people donate $5 each, our teamwork will raise $500. If 200 people to donate $5, we’ll raise $1000. And so on! Can you help us get there?