Festival of Style


Individuals, organizations and businesses of all sizes are invited to join the Brick Store Museum’s exciting new exhibition event, the Festival of Style! Taking the best parts of holiday adopt-a-tree showcases, combined with the power of local business and the Museum’s outstanding clothing collection spanning nearly 250 years, the Festival of Style is a unique showcase of twenty handpicked costumes – by you!

  • Open the PDF “Style Guide” (HERE) to learn more. We thank you in advance for your good humor and your community support! We have faith in your style choices!

Sponsorship of a vintage costume for display is only $25.00! Your donation goes straight to the Museum’s operations fund for year-round educational programs and the preservation of history in our area. Plus, if you win “Best in Show” (voted by Museum visitors), you or your company gets bragging rights for 2018!

As there are only twenty spots to fill, we hope you’ll give us a call soon to take part. Please contact Deborah Williams, Engagement Coordinator, at (207)985-4802 or [email protected] to sign up and schedule a visit.

The Festival of Style is presented by


Captain Lord Mansion

 and is co-sponsored by


Nvest Financial Group, LLC



Village Paperie