World War I Soldiers

The list below is developed from various sources, chiefly the World War I soldiers and sailors monument standing adjacent to Kennebunk Savings Bank (across the street from the Museum). As more research is compiled on the local men and women who participated in World War I, information on this page will be updated.

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NAME Birth – Death Service Notes
Authier, John B. 2 Feb 1887 Army, joined 30 Nov 1917; Hon. Dis. 28 May 1919 Served in VA. No overseas service
Ayer, Melvin 1898? Enlisted at KBK 29 Mar 1917; overseas service from 24 Sept 1917 to 24 Mar 1919. Discharged 5 Apr 1919
Baker, Haven Jan. 24 1889 – Sept. 23rd 1923 Died of Tuberculosis Served in 12th Co. 151st Depot Br. Private  June 24th 1918 to Dec. 4 1918 Buried in Hope Cemetery.   Lived in West Kennebunk

Eastern Star Sept. 28 1923:

Haven H. Baker, World War veteran,
died at Parsonsfield Sanitarium
last Sunday where he had been a patient for three weeks. His age was
34 years, 7 months and 27 days, and he was a native of North Berwick, son of Arthur and Emma (Richards) Baker. He enlisted at Saco, June 24, 1918, and went to Camp Devens where he was assigned to the 12th Co., 3rd Batt., 151st Depot Brigade. He was discharged at Camp Devens, Dec. 4, 1918. Surviving relatives are a wife and two children, who reside at the Landing.

Barker, Aretas 21 Aug 1894 Navy – Portsmouth Naval SY
Batchelder, Sidney 10 Apr 1895 Enlisted 1 Jun 1917; Org Btry E 65th Arty CAC. Overseas: 22 Mar 1918 – 30 Jan 1919, in Pont-a-Mousson; Meuse Argonne Timothy Batchelder’s son

Meuse Argonne = Battle of the Argonne Forest, the largest offensive in United States military history; lasted for 47 days. Bloodiest operation of WWI for Americans; 2nd deadliest battle in American history.

Bodwell, Linwood 10 Jul 1887 | 25 Feb 1963 Worked at Leatheroid Factory
Boston, Floyd 28 Dec 1876 | 28 Feb 1924 No overseas service, enlisted 7 Apr 1917, Co. B 5th Infantry Mass.
Boston, Gail 14 Jun 1896 | 5 May 1919 No overseas service
Brigham, Deane Apr 1895 Co. L 30th Infantry, returned from France 23 Aug 1919; served overseas beginning 13 Aug 1918, disch. 4 Sept 1919 as 2nd Lieutenant of Co. B 303 Tank Corps Battalion Lived in NYC after war.
Brown, Clarence CAC – Coast Artillery Corps; based at Camp Devens as 72nd Artillery
Brown, Edward April 23 1893- June 12 1932 At sea 318 days 1st. Naval Dist. M. Navy

Dec. 28th 1917 –Jan. 9 1919

Buried at Hope Cemetery

Cause of death- electrocuted on line??  Look up in newspaper.

Brown, Warren Feb. 22 1890- Jan 17th 1923

From Kennebunk

St. Mihiel, Meuse Argonne Defensive Sector.  Artillery-Private

Enlisted July 25 1917-Jan 22 1919.

Eastern Star Jan. 19th 1923:

The body of Warren Brown, World War Veteran, who after firing five shots into the head of Mrs. Annie Nason, turned the pistol on himself and sent two bullets into his right temple Tuesday night in a rooming house in Sanford, dying Wednesday morning from his wounds, was brought to Kennebunk this afternoon and placed in the tomb in Hope cemetery to await burial in the spring. Mrs. Nason, who was taken to Dr. Ross’ hospital, was alive Thursday and it is expected that she will recover

Burgess, Arthur 23 Aug 1890 | Apr 1970 Height: 5’ 8”, worked at Sears & Roebuck in Sanford. No overseas service.
Burgess, Percy 9 Apr 1897 Enlisted 31 Mar 1917. Btry E 54th Arty CAC. Overseas 22 Mar 1918 – 30 Apr 1919
Burke, Edmund
Burke, Frank
Burke, Joseph
Burke, Thomas
Butland, Thomas
Carter, Gordon
Carter, Russell
Clark, Cecil
Clark, Elizer
Clark, Frank
Clark, George
Clark, Leslie
Cole, Walter
Cooper, George
Cox, Joseph
Craig, Fred
Cram, Robert
Currier, James
Cutten, George
Dane, Joseph (Jr.) 1898
Davis, John
Davis, Leon
Day, Glenwood
Day, Rodney
Drown, Edgar
Drown, Frank
Drown, George 1892-1963 Anti-Aircraft Sector, mechanic. 3rd Prov. Btry CAC
Eaton, George
Emery, Charles
Emmons, Albert
Evans, Ralph
Ferguson, Wilbur N. b. 1899 d.1922

Buried in Hope Cemetery

Enl: NG at Biddeford, Apr. 4/17. Pvt; Cpl Jan. 9/18. Org: 7 Co CA Me NG to Jan. 1/18; Btry B 54 CA to Nov. 10/18; Btry E 57 Arty CAC. Overseas: Mar. 16/18 to Jan. 14/19. Hon disch on demob: Jan. 20, 1919 Born in Kennebunk, lived in Saco.  Joined at 18

From Eastern Star June 2nd 1922:

A telegram received yesterday announced that Wilbur Ferguson, 23, a son of Mr. and Mrs, James Ferguson of Saco, had been shot by a Mexican at Golden, Colorado. He was a student at a mining and engineering school in that city, and the brief announcement stated that he had been killed while doing guard duty. Besides his parents he is survived by two brothers and three sisters. A surviving aunt Mrs, Joseph Cleaves of this town. The body will probably be brought to Maine for burial. Mr. Ferguson was a native of Kennebunk.

Objects in collections donated by family

Galeucia, Albert
Galeucia, Chester
Goodnow, Charles 11 Nov 1896 Enrolled USNRF Portsmouth NH 26 Apr 1917; Naval Aviation MIT Mar-Jun 1918; stationed in Naval Air Stations in FL; 20 Sept 1918, sent to work at Naval Reserve Flying Corps in DC; upon completion to London to US Naval Forces Operating in European Waters for assignment; Based at US Naval Air Station Killingholme England. Inactive duty in Boston 17 Feb 1919. Attended Phillips Exeter, and Dartmouth College. House on Summer Street.

In draft registration card for WW2, Goodnow wrote that he had tattoos on both arms.

Gordon, William
Grant, Harvey
Greene, H. Ernest
Greene, Ralph
Hall, Fred
Hamilton, Chester 29 Nov 1894 – 6 Mar 1922 Enlisted USN Boston 6 Mar 1918. Served on board several ships, incl. USS Buitenzorg, USS Westwood. Apr – Nov 1918, at Naval Hospital in Norfolk VA Died of pulmonary tuberculosis in 1922 in Kennebunk. He was a machinist. His brother was Harry Hamilton (below)
Hamilton, Harry 13 Jun 1896 Ind., 5 Aug 1918. Camp McClellan, Alabama. No overseas service.
Hanscom, Earl 1898 Enl: NG Kennebunk, Mar. 30/17. Reported for Federal Serv: July 25/17. Private. Org: 13 Co CA Me NG to Dec. 25/17; Btry E 54 Arty to May 17/18; Btry D 57 Arty to disch. Eng: St Mihiel; Meuse-Argonne; Defensive Sector. Overseas: Mar. 22/18 to Jan. 13/19.
Hardigan, Harry
Harford, Charles
Harris, Percy
Hatch, Ernest
W. Victor Hesp
Hicks, Charles* 1893 Enlisted 28 Jan 1916. Btry D 57 Arty CAC. Engaged: St Mihiel; Meuse-Argonne; Defensive Sector. Overseas 22 Mar 1918 until death – died of wounds received in action, 15 Oct 1918
Hicks, Leon
Hicks, Wallace
Hill, Bertrum
Hitt, Thomas
Hubbard, George
Huff, Earle
Huff, Paul
Huff, Richard
Ingham, Clement CEF 7 Aug 1887 – 1946 Joined Canadian Expeditionary Forces. Buried in Hope Cemetery. Born in England. Lived at 13 York Street, was a painter. British citizen.
Jellison, Edward
Jellison, Harold
Johnson, George
Jordon, John
Junkins, Floyd 1897 Ind 28 Aug 1918, 151 Dep Brig to Camp Devens MA, no overseas service
Junkins, Roy 11 Mar 1891 Ind 24 Jun 1918, 151 Dep Brig 23 Aug 1918; Co H 36 Inf. No overseas service.
Kimball, Clarence
Kimball, Ernest
Kimball, Everett
Knight, Perley
Knight, Raymond
Lamontagne, William
LeBeau, Albane
Littlefield, Clarence* 30 Jun 1891 – 25 Sep 1918 Influenza turning to pneumonia, 10 days Father: Alonzo Littlefield
Littlefield, Frank
Littlefield, George CFF
Louis, William
MacDonald, Charles
Merriman, Angier
Mitchell, Edward
Mitchell, Richard Llewellyn b. 1891 d.1969  Born in Wells Ind: Kennebunk, York Co. No. 2, May 28/18. Private. Org: 151 Dep Brig to June 15/18; Co D 303 Inf to Aug. 5/18; Co M 74 Inf to disch. Eng: St Mihiel; Meuse-Argonne; Defensive Sector. Overseas: July 6/18 to Feb. 11/19. Hon disch on demob: Feb. 20, 1919. Joined at 29 in 1917.  Lived in Kennebunk

Grocer clerk at E.L. Littlefield


Objects in collection

Mitchell, William
Montgomery, Warren Wm. March 14th 1878- Feb. 2nd 1932  Died of Auto accident.  Buried in Evergreen Cemetery Canadian Army, Nw Brun. Regt. 1st Depot Battalion

Sergeant.  Enlisted 1917 or earlier


Kennebunk or Kennebunkport
Moulton, Rodney
Nedeau, John
Nedeau, Prentiss
Nedeau, Thomas
Oliver Jr., George
Osborne, W.A.
Palardy, J.A.
Parsons, Charles C.
Parsons, Henry 1866 Called into active serv fr ORC as Capt QMC Aug. 10/17. Org: Asst Dep QM Sup Div Apr. 4/18; Asst Eng Off in chg constr to disch. Overseas service: None.
Parsons, Henry H. 1890 Enl: NA Vasseney, France, Oct. 3/17. Pvt; Sgt 1st cl Oct. 18/17. Org: US Army Amb Sec 646 to disch. Hon disch to acpt com: Mar. 27, 1918. Aptd: 1st Lt Army Amb Mar. 28/18 fr NA. Org: USA AS Sect 525 to disch. Overseas: Oct. 3/17 to Apr. 23/19.
Parsons, William Usher Oct. 24th 1873-May 30th 1933  Appendicitis  Buried in Hope Cemetery A.T.F. July 1918 to July 1919

August 1917 to July 1918

Q.M  2nd Lieut.

Related to Sarah and Henry Parsons
Perron, Samuel
Phillips, Willis
Pitts, Leslie
Prue, James
Rand, Leroy
Richardson, Arthur
Robbins, Horace
Ross, James
Rouleau, Albert
George, Rouleau
Russell, Trafton
Sanborn, Frank
Seeley, George
Smith, Charles
Smith, Earle
Spaulding, Clarence
Spencer, Charles
Stanley, George
Stevens, Arthur
Stevens, Frank* 15 Mar 1897 Ind, 28 Aug 1918; 31 Co 8 Tng Bn 151 Dep Brig. Died of disease, 24 Sept 1918
Taylor, George
Taylor, Horace
Thomas, Harry
Titcomb, Leslie
Titcomb, William
Tomlinson, Ernest CEF* 28 Jul 1882 Joined Canadian Expeditionary Force, 3 Oct 1917 Lived on High Street in KBK. Born in England. Married to Martha Tomlinson. Stone mason.
Tomlinson, George
Tomlinson, Harry CEF 20 Sept 1898 – 1979 Joined Canadian Expeditionary Force, 3 Oct 1917 (“Attestation”) Lived at 13 Fletcher Street, born in England.

In 1920, lived as boarder with Wormwoods on Fletcher Street (no #). In 1930, was married and living at 14 Fletcher Street.

Towne, Richard
Truscott, George
Varney, Harry 1895? Enlisted 6 Mar 1917. 13th Co CAC ME, to Co B 101 Engnrs. Overseas 7 Sept 1917 – 27 Feb 1919
Waddington, Albert 14 Dec 1899 Listed as a student on draft registration card. He was born in England, but immigrated in 1907. A citizen “by father’s naturalization by registrant’s majority.” 6th Co CAC; no oversseas In 1920, he was listed as a “loom fixer” at the Worsted Mill. Died in 1929; buried in Hope Cemetery
Ward, George
Washburn, William
Waterhouse, Calvin 1895 – 1967 19 years old. Enl: NG Kennebunk, June 21/15. Reported for Federal Serv: July 25/17. Cpl May 18/17. Org: 13 Co CAC Me NG to Dec. 20/17; Btry E 54 Arty (CAC) to disch. Eng: Aisne-Marne; Meuse-Argonne; Defensive Sector. Overseas: Mar. 22/18 to Jan. 18/19. Married 1919
Waterhouse, Carl 1891 – 1958 Enl: NG Kennebunk, May 27/17. Reported for Federal Serv: July 25/17. Sgt Apr. 26/18; Sup Sgt Apr. 26/18; Sgt Maj Jr Gr Oct 16/18. Org: 13 Co CAC Me NG to -; Hq Co 54 Arty CAC to disch. Overseas: Mar. 22/18 to Mar. 6/19.
Waterhouse, Russell
Webber, Chester
Webber, Harold* 1895  – 27 Apr 1918 Ind: Kennebunk, York Co. No. 2, May 28/18. Private. Org: 6 Co 2 Bn 151 Dep Brig to June 15/18; Co F 304 Inf to Aug. 1/18; Co G 39 Inf to death. Eng: Argonne; St Mihiel; Defensive Sector. Overseas: July 8/18 to death. Died of wounds: Oct. 31, 1918.  


Webber, Paul
Welch, Cut
Welch, Irvin
Welch, Paul
Wells, Edna RC 1892 Daughter of Issaacher Wells, a Civil War veteran of the Navy. She traveled to WWI to care for troops via the Red Cross and entertained.
Wentworth, Edward
Whipple, Ralph 1886 Ind Kennebunk, 4 Sept 1917. Hq Co 303 FA. Eng: Toul Sector; Overseas: 16 July 1918 – 26 Apr 1919.
White, O. Henry
Williams, Albert
Williams, Frank
Williams, Frank
Williams, Victor
Wormwood, Edward
Wormwood, William 1888 – 1969 NAVY

Enl: Kennebunk, June 21/15. Reported for Federal Serv: July 25/17. Sgt July 15/15. Org: 13 Co CAC Me NG to Aug. 23/17; Co B 101 Engrs to Aug. 31/17; Btry E 54 Arty CAC to May 19/18; Btry C 56 Arty CAC to disch. Overseas: Mar. 22/18 to Jan. 18/19.

Wright, August