Bauman Family Gallery

The Brick Store Museum is proud to announce the opening of its new Bauman Family Gallery, thanks to generous support from the Bauman Family Foundation. It is located in the Brick Store Museum Program Center. The gallery will be a part of the Museum campus, where over 6,000 visitors per year visit to discover topics on local history and art. Art exhibits will be featured from June through December. Future exhibits will be planned for 2019 and onward.

The Bauman Family Gallery invites Maine artists and Maine arts organizations to submit an application to the Brick Store Museum for exhibit consideration. Bauman Family Gallery applications are available on this page (PDF) and at the Museum entrance desk at 117 Main Street, Kennebunk.

The applications will be maintained by the Museum for an extended period of time. The Curate Committee (composed of talented Maine artists and Museum staff) will use these applications as a base for their selection of exhibitor(s). Each exhibit will run for approximately 6 weeks.

Our goal for the Bauman Family Gallery is to offer artists the opportunity to display their creations in a professional environment.

Please find more information, including applications and FAQ’s, below. Please read the directions below before calling the Museum with questions, as they may be answered on this site.

Attachments below:

CallĀ For Artists (PDF)

Artist Application (PDF)

Gallery Layout (JPEG)


  • When will I know if I’ve been accepted?
    • The Curate Committee will most likely be meeting quarterly, or at least three times a year, to make invitations. However, the Museum will keep all applications so invitations can be made at any time (even in years following).
  • Can I join the Curate Committee?
    • Thank you for offering! The Museum looks forward to working with members of the arts community to build a wonderful schedule of exhibitions in the Bauman Gallery. Please let us know on your application that you would like to be considered. We are trying to keep the committee small, but turnover is inevitable and we always look forward to fresh faces.
  • Can I come look at the space?
    • You are welcome to visit the Museum as a guest anytime we are open. Due to limited staff availability, we cannot guarantee someone will be available to speak with you unless you make an appointment in advance. Please do not make appointments simply to drop off your application.
  • Can I call for more information?
    • You are welcome to call for more information, but please read all information on this site first.
    • PLEASE NOTE that calling the Museum to discuss your work will not be an acceptable form of submission – please submit the application above (via email or “snail mail”).
  • Can I call to discuss my idea?
    • It is best to submit your ideas through our application, as any one staff member cannot make a decision for the entire Committee. By submitting your application, you are giving all committee members the chance to consider your work.
  • Should I send photos of my work?
    • If you have a website and have included the address on your application, there is no need to include photos. If you do not have a website (that’s OK!), please send 3-4 photos of your work with your application
  • When is the due date?
    • Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis – send it in when you can!

Please contact: Cynthia Walker, Executive Director
Phone: (207)985-4802
Email: [email protected]