Camp Maine: Rustic Furniture and Accessories, 1860-1940


May 27, 2006 – November 18, 2006

Camp Maine: Rustic Furniture & Accessories, 1860 – 1940 showcased vintage rustic, late 19th- and early 20th-century furniture and related items. Among the more than 200 pieces featured were some of the best examples known throughout the United States, and most appeared on display for the very first time. This unprecedented exhibition heralded from a prominent local collection that took nearly 20 years to assemble. The exhibition was presented in association with Ken, Ida & Kate Manko.

Highlights included a 17-foot canoe from the 1920s, an early Paris, Maine-made sled used in rescues on Mount Washington, impossibly delicate bentwood twig furniture ranging in size from dolls’ chairs to oversized rockers, an outhouse door and classic “two-seater,” vintage signage advertising everything from $14 lake cabin rentals to trading post wares, “weird wood” souvenir tankards, intricately woven creels, camp paintings, a moose trophy mount made entirely from wood, and colorful arrays of early hand-tied fly fishing lures. Set against the scent of balsam fir, the sounds of crickets, a forest backdrop painted by local artist Virginia Souza, the glow of a simulated campfire, and a stand of birch trees, the exhibition conjured up the simplicity, whimsy and nostalgia of the classic woodland retreats enjoyed throughout generations and to this day. 

There were also several exhibition-related events and programs, from history camps to fly-tying demonstrations to a sporting dog adoption day!